About Us

Naked SupaFoods was born from our long standing passion for health and also from our experience over the years in the health-foods industry. What started with a journey in Juice Bars and now Bone Broth has seen us further down the road with doors being opened into the world of nutrition and health and the development of our new brand, Naked SupaFoods which will ultimately house an abundant range of natural, raw, evolved & honest highly nutritious food.

Naked SupaFoods mission is to provide powerful natural nutrition in the form of incredibly naturally nutritious and beneficial food, free range bone broth and related products, natural vegetable and fruit powders, collagen products and any other form of super food that we can find, source and stock. We want to provide our customers with foods which will heal, boost immunities, provide additional nutrition for their families and all ages, for people who are recovering, de-toxing or just want to stay well, whilst preventing ill-health, removing bad habits and maintaining good gut health which in turn maintains mental health.

We are constantly researching and finding new ways to develop our products and to stay at the forefront of SupaFood where we believe that medicine is food and food is medicine.

Thankyou for joining us on this faith driven journey of nutrition and wellness with Naked SupaFoods.

Stephen and Ros



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