What is the Supabox?

Bringing you a solution to replace the lunch box and provide your child with a unique and nutritious meal daily.

The Challenge and the Solution:

Whilst we all try to come up with interesting lunch box ideas, some of it finds its way home and most of our sarmies get thrown in the bin or fed to the dogs. Its dis-heartening. We try to find new snacks but after a few days these too lose their appeal and find their way home. Lunch boxes become expensive whilst we spend time and effort trying to maintain interest.

How can we combat this challenge whilst providing our children with food daily, during their busy schedules which will keep them full, satisfied, nourished and sustained?

We have come up with 8 weeks worth of meals . 20 lunches where you wont see a sandwich in sight. Meals incorporating vegetables, grains, protein, starches and fibres. The plan is to provide low GI food which is slowly released, resulting in constant energy and concentration, rather than spikes and dips in concentration, throughout the day.

The Supabox hides (but includes) nutrition and provides flavour. The Supabox provides colour and maintains interest. The Supabox is their daily provision and now something to look forward to.


The Meal plan for the term is loaded on KARRI APP.

You select either 3 meals per week or 5 meals per week for the term (for example in term 4, there are 8 weeks, so if you choose 5 meals per week, you are selecting 40 meals. If you select 3 meals per week , 24 meals for the term.

Meals Options:







Beef lasagne (hidden beans and bone broth)

Tomato and cheese pasta tossed with diced ham and tiny potato dices

Mince Bolognese

Italian chicken stew and couscous


Mini burgers (cheese, tomato relish, leaves) and wedges

Mini wraps - chicken, carrot, grated cabbage, cheese, tomato, homemade mayo

Pork snitzel and polenta squares

Chicken snitzel and little potato wedges


Beef koftas (rolled wth lentils) and mash (root veg mash)

Little fish strips and chips

Chicken, cheese and tomato quessadilla

Burrito Bake


Barbeque Chicken cooked  Rice and peas

Egg fried rice / sticky soy chicken

Peanut butter chicken and noodles

Ricepaper rolls filled with beef, carrot and slaw


Chicken sweet and sour noodles (cabbage and carrot grated)

Roast beef(and root veg) pies

Ham and cheese quiche

Mac and cheese



  • 3 meals/week @ R45 per meal: R135
  • 5 meals /week @R45 per meal: R225

Meals are delivered daily to your school  just before the lunch period, in containers which can be recycled(cleaned/ washed).

Why we qualify to feed your kids?

We have bought together our 2 businesses to collaborate in this venture. Our Health Food business  Naked SupaFoods provides insight into nutrition and healthy eating as the backbone to kids meals and then Olive Twist, our catering business brings experience with production and service delivery of 14+ years. Personally we bring experience of 14+ years in the food industry where we have catered daily meals to corporates for 12 years, franchised Kauais and Boost juice bars in KZN, catered for KZN from simple offerings in boardrooms to enormous events for 500+, we also bring the experience of being parents and knowing what our kids would love.

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