Artemesia, Lemonbush & Rooibos Tea - UmHlonyane

Elliot Ndlovu Natural Plants

Elliot Ndlovus Natural Plants gives you 3 carefully selected & trusted Traditional Herbal Teas to help boost and maintain your boys immune system.

Artemesia afra or Umhlonyane is used in traditional medicine and is native to Africa. The tea itself is made from the dried & crushed leaves stalks & flowers.

Artemesia has been used by indigenous African people for centries to treat respiratory ailments as well as proving to be a powerful antiseptic & blood cleansing tonic.

Artemesia afra is documented as being an affective treatment for coughs, colds, fever, colic, headache & influenza.

Rooibos & Artemesia have both been found to have a significant therapeutic effect in the treatment and progression of diabetes.

Rooibos tea can significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and also contains manganese, calcium, mangnesium and fluoride. Minerals that are essential for health bones and teeth.

Lemonbush [umSuzwane] tea is made from thedried& crushed leaves and stalks and is traditionally used with Artemesia afra as a tea to help promote and enhance the healing properties.

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