Line Fish Broth 500ml

Naked Bones

Sustainably sourced Linefish Bone Broth from Naked Bones is packed with Vitamin D which is essential for immunity, omega 3 fatty acids, making this good for the heart and brain. Its is a good source of iodine and strengthens the thyroid, keeping hormones balanced and being high in gelatine promotes gut health and therefore boosting your immunity. A wonderful addition to your fish and seafood based meals. This broth provides the healing qualities needed for gut health and brings variety and depth to your cooking and extra nutrition to your family.

Only specific fish bones, fresh vegetables & herbs are used with organic apple cider vinegar and water for maximum flavour and gelatin into delicious seafood base.  Use as a base for seafood sauces, for risottos, curries, fish stews or pies and chowders or soups. Also great as a combination with chicken bone broth in Asian based meals.

Naked Bones Linefish Bone Broth contains zero added salt, is gluten-free, paleo & keto friendly and contains no artificial flavors.

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