Superfruits Blueberry Biltong (10 X 50g)


Superfruits Blueberry Biltong (10 X 50g)

Blueberries are true-blue royalty of the fruit kingdom, and for good reason. Deliciously sweet and/or tart (depending on the varietal), they are a potent “superberry” – their deep blue-purple colour is a marker of high levels of anthocyanins, compounds that minimise the effects of oxidative stress on the body. But wait. There’s more.

According to Dr Barbara Shukitt-Hale, a neuroscientist and anti-ageing researcher at the US Department of Agriculture and a leading expert on the health benefits of blueberries, their anthocyanins have a lot more to offer: “We found they’re doing a lot besides anti-oxidation. They’re also anti-inflammatory. They … have direct effects on the brain, including plasticity and neuronal communication and neurogenesis; they’re involved in the formation of new neurons. They have far-reaching effects.”

At Absolute Organix, we’ve become born-again blueberry evangelists since we stumbled upon a smart way of turning the berries into a long-life, on-the-go, energy-dense and nutritious snack.

Introducing SuperBerry Blueberry Biltong, made from pressed, air-dried blueberries, bite-size pieces with intense flavour and concentrated amounts of anthocyanins. No sulphites. No added sugars. Absolutely nothing added.

More than 250g of fresh blueberries goes into each 50 g pack of these deliciously chewy/crunchy snacks.

If you were concerned that the drying reduced the potency of the berries, a study in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology found no significant differences in antioxidant activity between fresh and dried blueberries.

Of course, by removing the water, Berry Biltong is a carb powerhouse with high natural sugar content (a 20g serving contains 14g of sugar), so moderation is important, especially for those with insulin sensitivity/weight challenges.

Going on a hike, a run, a cycle? Need to top up a school lunchbox, or just want a quick source of natural “energy-with-benefits” during the day? SuperBerry Blueberry Biltong is the logical choice.

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